Topsfield is a small, suburban town at the heart of the North Shore with a strong sense of community. It is located right of route 95 and route 1 runs through the town. Topsfield to Boston is a 56 minute commute via train and a 29 minute drive. Boston is a city which is rich with history and culture. You can be within grasp of a city filled with stories while enjoying a quiet rural atmosphere in Topsfield, Massachusetts. 

About Us

School Systems



The Topsfield School Department operates Steward Elementary School and Proctor School which then feeds into a tri-town school union comprising of Topsfield, Boxford and Middleton. There is a traditional curriculum and support given for special needs children. 

Hood Pond



Hood Pond is a private beach operated by the Topsfield Beach Association. It is a 68 acre pond offering swimming lessons from age 4.

Wildlife Sanctuary



Within Topsfield lies the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, a popular location for hiking and outdoor activities. It is a sanctuary offering trails through forest, meadows and wetlands with wildlife views and canoeing. 

About Us




The Congregational Church, Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church and Trinity Episcopal Church are all places of worship within Topsfield. 

Topsfield Fair



The Topsfield Fair is America’s Oldest Agricultural Fair which features various performances and entertainment for the local community. There is a Kiddielandwith rides, a truck show and an event hall for weddings and other occasions. 

Local Library



Topsfield’s local library offers storytime for younger children and a teen room for older children to do their homework and have access to a computer and the internet in a safe space. 

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